In the post-DVD ages it is difficult to keep track of where you can watch which films and at what conditions. There are countless streaming providers. Some rely first and foremost on “class hits”, some want to be exclusive, but many have conditions in which countries they can offer which films for how long.

Many streaming services offer movies for sale or rent. Global streaming sizes such as Netflix,, Disney offer films à discretion for a monthly fee. It is not unusual to switch from provider to provider in order to be able to watch all the desired films.

Among the over 500 sustainability films in our database that we have reviewed, there is a list of how and where a film can be viewed…
a green media library indeed. The best: Almost 300 environmental documents can be streamed directly on our website, about half of them even free of charge – without subscription, just watch.

Where can I watch most of the environmental films? Right after our media library (300 films) on place 2 we have iTunes ( with 155 films, then Amazon on place 3 with 140 films and Google Play with 86 films (October 2019).

Who streams which environmental documentation?

Amazon (140)
Arte Boutique (1) (4)
BBC (1)
Cinefile (3)
Chili (11)
Curiosity Stream (1)
Ex Libris (19)
Filme für eine Welt (2)
FilmFreeway (1)
Filmfriend (5)
Flimmit (10)
Google Play (86)
Green Planet Streams (0)
HBO (2)
Hollystar (19)
iTunes (155)
Kanopy (4)
Maxdome (48)
Microsoft Store (28)
Netflix (29)
Pantaflix (19)
Rakuten TV (23)
RedBull (1)
SBS (1)
Sky Go (0)
Sky Ticket (1)
Sony (0)
SRF myschool (1)
Teleclub / Swisscom TV (35)
Videobuster (21)
Videoload (51)
VUDU (5)
Xbox (1)
Youtube Movies & Shows (34)
Within (VR App) (1)
World Channel (1)

These data have been produced by Films for Earth thanks to the support of volunteers and interns and are available to all interested parties.

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